Jonathan resides in the United Kingdom. From the perspective of a country that has embraced several ideas typically attributed to the left, he hopes to serve as an alternative voice to mainstream European politics. Supportive of New Neoclassical Synthesis, Economic Liberalism, Globalisation, Liberal Nationalism and Wilsonianism, he summarises his ideas under the label of classical liberalism.  He would like to see a move away from the Keynesian consensus, but not one towards the flawed ideology of Austrian Economics. He supports the middle ground of right-of-center economics—the New Neoclassical Synthesis—which would permit a move away from most fiscal policy, with exception to recessions and fluctuations. Additionally, he supports the middle ground between the populist revolution of recent years and minarchism.  Saunders’ politics are one centered around a state firmly grounded and controlled by constitutional restrictions.  He hopes you enjoy his writings at The Centre-Right Review.