Does the Minimum Wage Always Hurt?

The minimum wage has been a "hot topic" for policy makers and economists since its implementation in 1938 as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act. A minimum wage is a controversial, yet hot topic in the political atmosphere of today. I believe the correct route would be to either keep the minimum wage as … Continue reading Does the Minimum Wage Always Hurt?


George Washington a Terrorist?

A couple weeks ago some of my friends started college. One of them said that in their sociology class their teacher started the class with asking, “Is George Washington a terrorist?”, to which another friend of mine said, “Yeah, the British probably saw him as we see ISIS today”. The teacher had asked the question … Continue reading George Washington a Terrorist?

Where is the Alt-Right Going?

The Alt-Right is a right-wing populist movement centered on nationalism, protectionism, and opposition to immigration. They try to brand themselves as an "alternative to the mainstream conservatives" and encompass a diverse range of right-wing ideologies from Trump Conservatives to people who take the movement to a more radical, racist, and fascist route. Recently the movement … Continue reading Where is the Alt-Right Going?