George Washington a Terrorist?

A couple weeks ago some of my friends started college. One of them said that in their sociology class their teacher started the class with asking, “Is George Washington a terrorist?”, to which another friend of mine said, “Yeah, the British probably saw him as we see ISIS today”. The teacher had asked the question … Continue reading George Washington a Terrorist?


The Conservative Revolution?

The American Revolution has commonly been associated with a radical ideology of kicking off the reigns of an oppressive king in favor of a brand new system. However, I will discuss why the Revolution was not a radical movement, but rather a conservative movement. The Revolution was very radical politically speaking. The American colonies dared … Continue reading The Conservative Revolution?

The Case for Classical Liberalism

Liberalism today is associated with social liberalism and social democracy, yet it is a word which once was representative of liberty in both the cultural and economic sense. To fully understand what liberalism represented, it is important to understand its effect on modern society. In the 17th century in England, the ideas of early liberalism … Continue reading The Case for Classical Liberalism

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Conundrum

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) is the primary basis for the Austrian school of economics. The ABCT separates the Austrian school from other capitalist economic schools in the sense that its primary purpose is to attack other economic schools. Monetarists and other capitalist schools will often debate over the government's involvement in the economy, … Continue reading The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Conundrum