A Case for the Negative Income Tax

The negative income tax, or NIT, is a system where people who make under a certain income receive a certain amount of money from the government over the course of a year. Let me elaborate. Let’s say that the NIT threshold, where the government would not let you fall under, was $15,000/yr. Let’s also say … Continue reading A Case for the Negative Income Tax


Against Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is one of the most contentious topics on the internet, largely due to the fact that it directly effects internet users and ISPs alike.  While many tech moguls and blogosphere titans are virulently pro-Net-Neutrality, their opinions are lacking in nuance and are heavily influenced by the interests of some of the internet's largest … Continue reading Against Net Neutrality

Bank Regulations and Bailouts

One of the most heated debates in today's economic atmosphere is whether we should regulate private businesses or not, and normally I would take the side of not regulating unless we were discussing the banking industry. However, regulations are not all we need for the banking industry, we also need bailouts. If we have both … Continue reading Bank Regulations and Bailouts

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Conundrum

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) is the primary basis for the Austrian school of economics. The ABCT separates the Austrian school from other capitalist economic schools in the sense that its primary purpose is to attack other economic schools. Monetarists and other capitalist schools will often debate over the government's involvement in the economy, … Continue reading The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Conundrum