The Conservative Revolution?

The American Revolution has commonly been associated with a radical ideology of kicking off the reigns of an oppressive king in favor of a brand new system. However, I will discuss why the Revolution was not a radical movement, but rather a conservative movement. The Revolution was very radical politically speaking. The American colonies dared … Continue reading The Conservative Revolution?


The Terror of Climate Change

As the climate change debate looms over the world an important aspect many have not considered is the effect of climate change on Non-State Armed Groups (NSAG). The link between climate change and NSAG's is not simple and linear by any means. Climate change and it's increasing impact does not directly lead to instability and … Continue reading The Terror of Climate Change

The Age of Cryptoccurency

Cryptocurrency, digital currency that began in 2009 with Bitcoin seemed like an extreme idea that would never catch on. But the idea that they would never catch couldn't be more wrong. The total cryptocurrency market capitalzation as of this writing stands at 115 billion USD making the seemingly fringe idea, not so fringe anymore. But what … Continue reading The Age of Cryptoccurency

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Conundrum

The Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) is the primary basis for the Austrian school of economics. The ABCT separates the Austrian school from other capitalist economic schools in the sense that its primary purpose is to attack other economic schools. Monetarists and other capitalist schools will often debate over the government's involvement in the economy, … Continue reading The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Conundrum