George Washington a Terrorist?

A couple weeks ago some of my friends started college. One of them said that in their sociology class their teacher started the class with asking, “Is George Washington a terrorist?”, to which another friend of mine said, “Yeah, the British probably saw him as we see ISIS today”. The teacher had asked the question … Continue reading George Washington a Terrorist?


Defending The Electoral College

Before I go into my actual defense of it, I'll explain how the Electoral College works. The amount of electoral votes in each state isn't entirely based off of population. The states gets its votes from the amount of Representatives and Senators it has. The number of Representatives are determined by the amount of congressional … Continue reading Defending The Electoral College

Where is the Alt-Right Going?

The Alt-Right is a right-wing populist movement centered on nationalism, protectionism, and opposition to immigration. They try to brand themselves as an "alternative to the mainstream conservatives" and encompass a diverse range of right-wing ideologies from Trump Conservatives to people who take the movement to a more radical, racist, and fascist route. Recently the movement … Continue reading Where is the Alt-Right Going?